Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best ATW fares

If you are looking for a great ATW fares you may be surprised to see that buying a series of one way tickets will give you the bang for the buck, especially if you are in North America.
Several airlines provide free stopovers in their hubs. Here is a typical trip in Summer that costs $4000 , I could get for under CAD$2620.

Toronto --> Vancouver --> Seattle (by train) --> San Francisco --> Singapore (with optional stop-over in Hong Kong or Seoul for extra $100) --> Bangalore --> London --> Manchester (by train) --> Iceland (Free stopover on Icelandair) --> Toronto.

From Europe try flying Emirates to India/Thailand with a Free Stop-over in Dubai. Several low cost airliners like AirAsia and Tiger Airways fly in and out of India to SE Asia. From SE Asia fly to US West coast with a stop over in Japan, Korea or Philippines. 


  1. Manchester England airport code is MHT not MAN. Sorry about the pic.

  2. HI,

    Excellent details for travel. Came to this blog via search.
    I am from Toronto area, would be traveling to Bangalore, while return would like to take a stopover in Dubai for 2 days in May 2012. How do I book baggage. From Bangalore to Dubai it says 1 bag, but from Dubai to Toronto I get 2 bags, how do get a chance to carry 2 bags direct from Bangalore to Toronto with stopover in Dubai ?

    1. If you break your journey, this is an issue. I had the same problem too, explain to the counter agent and ask for a supervisor. Tell them you have a direct ticket to Canada. They dont understand that Canada and USA has the same baggage allowance.