Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Minute India Train Reservations and Foreigner quota

So you know the date, you know the train you want to travel on and you finally found the site to make your reservation, only to find that there is no confirmed reservation on the train. This happens and happens a lot. Here are a few tricks that can help.

1. Last minute "Tatkal" booking for additional fee. Tatkal tickets can be booked for all classes except First A/C up to one day in advance. The booking opens at 8am the previous calendar date before the scheduled departure of the train. More info.
2. International tourist quota.  In certain major tourist areas, you can access the "International Tourist Bureau" which will book tickets against a special tourist quota. More info
3. Waiting List: An ordinary second class compartment will sleep 72 passengers. Trains usually have 18-20 coaches, so there is enough capacity. Waiting list move fast , but only from the station the train originates and in some rare circumstance from an intermediate station. It doesn't hurt to hold on to a unconfirmed (wait listed) ticket. If your reservation is not confirmed you would get your money back.

Book your tickets at Indian railway reservations.

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