Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Backpack India

Around India on a budget
India as you may have read in guidebooks is vast and varied. There are so many things to see and experience and it all depends on what you are interested. I am throwing some of my ideas if you are interested in culture and geography. Indian Railways is one of the wonders of the world (according to me of-course). The longest train is hinsagar express , runs from Himalayas (Him) to the southern most trip and costs $20 - $50 and takes 3 days. You can see the landscape change , the people and their costumes change the food change in a slow pace. If you want to see some geographical diversity start at the Himachal with glacier clad mountains to Jaisalmer with desert and snow dunes to Kerala a tropical backwater wonder to coral reefs of Lakshwadeep to Mangroves of sundarban. If you had the time you can do a circle India by train or buy a India airline pass. If you are into culture start with Delhi with the Mughal forts to Rajasthan with the Havelis and palaces to Goa the portugeese influenced churches to temples of south India to Orissa the least travelled jewel on the bay of bengal to Sikim a mini orient with monastries. The potential is unlimited and you can drop anywhere from $50 a day to $500 a day. Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Agra, Chennai, Bangalore are all good places to hook up with a fellow traveller. There are several cheap no frills airlines serving major indian cities to Orient and you can squeeze in a trip to Malaysia, Singapore for about $200 round trip. I wouldnt blame you if you just spent your trip in Goa on a beach, I hear this is going to be a snowy winter. Good luck and have fun.

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